25 Best Blog Posts by Patrick Rothfuss

A while ago I mentioned that Patrick Rothfuss has, in my opinion, the best author blog on the internet. Although, like his books, his blog is a bit of a behemoth. Where to start a book is simple–at the beginning (unless you’re one of those monsters who reads the last chapter first). Where to start a blog with eleven years’ worth of posts written by a famously (infamously?) verbose author is another matter. That said, the effort is well worth it. And since there’s nothing I love more than subjecting people to my obsessively organized passions, I’ve curated a list for your convenience.

Who is Pat?
1) A Guy Game: everything you need to know about Pat. And life in general.
2) Following Diogenes: an unironically fascinating story about a man putting on his socks.
3) Pat Rothfuss Escort Service: Pat briefly becomes mother to a flock of baby ducks.
4) Circadian Spring: “that local fantasy author” gets a little extra fantasy author-y.
5) Concerning Love: what back rubs, roses, and Pedialite have in common.

What’s writing like for Pat?
6) Is It Drafty in Here?: behold, two beautiful babies.
7) The Perils of Translation: perils also here, here, and here. Perils everywhere.
8) Fanmail Q&A: Revision: how Pat spends his Friday nights.
9) Everyone Hates their Jobs Sometimes: the world’s worst librarian.
10) Why I Love My Editor: Betsy Wollheim saves Pat’s career.

What’s Being a Famous Author Like?
11) Losing my anonymity: is there anything more charming than seeing someone genuinely struggle with becoming more and more and more famous?
12) Hollywood News: in which Pat is the prettiest girl at the party.
13) The Way of Kings: Brandon Sanderson is starting to piss Pat off (in a rom-com kinda way).
14) My First Signing: To Hell.
15) The Wise Man’s Blurbs: love letters from fans.

What’s Worldbuilders?
16) Reaping the Whirlwind: watch Pat’s charity grow year after year.
17) Bilboing it Up: that time Pat convinced an entire fanbase to take off their shoes.
18) Making Change with my Boy: the story of a little boy who just wants to buy a cow.
19) A Familiar Book: the book that keeps coming back–year, after year, after year, after year.
20) Terrifying Favors: in which Pat forges a ring of power.

What About the Things that are Hard to Write About?
21) A Story about My Mom, Haiti, and Irresistible Math.
22) The Things My Dad has Said.
23) Saint Patrick’s Day: because we could all use some shamrock cookies sometimes.
24) Not Your Usual Mother’s Day Post: not an easy day.
25) The Things that Children Know: lessons learned from The Velveteen Rabbit

Bonus: What Books (other than his own) Does Pat Recommend?
These and these.

I should mention–after all of this–this caveat: that the persona created by all of Pat’s writing, whether it be in book or blog, is a mere shadow of himself. It’s what he refers to as My Fictional Nature, and his thoughts on it are worth noting. All I can say is, if this is the shadow, I would love to meet the person.

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Kyle Cassidy [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons