Things My Daughter Has Said

My daughter, Rosebud, is a bit of a ham. She’s always loved to sing, dance, pose for the camera, and keep us entertained. Lately, she’s said a few things I really don’t want to forget, so I’m writing them down here:

The other day Rosebud and I were playing a card game together and she was getting pretty excited about it.
Rosebud: I hope you lose!
Me: Rosebud, be polite.
Rosebud: (in her softest, sweetest voice) I hope you lose, please!

She might be a little competitive, because a short while later she was playing Super Smash Brothers with her brother, Bubs, and started crying. I asked her what was wrong, and she said in her precious 4-year-old voice, “I’m twying to win, but he keeps kicking my twash!”

Which brings us to last Saturday, when Nathan and I were driving in the car with Rosebud, and Nathan saw a sign for a Mexican restaurant called “Burritos.”
Nathan: Why does that burrito place have a horse in a sombrero?
Me: I think it’s a burro.
Nathan: Oh. I get it now.
Me: (because I find it hilarious to over-explain jokes to people) Cause it’s a burro. It’s a little burro. It’s a BURRRRR-ITO!!!
Rosebud: Stop, mom! That’s embarrassing!
Nathan: Yeah, it is.
Me: Whaaat?!
Rosebud: Don’t worry mom, I still love you.

And all I can say is, I’m glad my 4-year-old loves me despite me being an embarrassing mom.

Thanks for coming on this journey with me.